The specifications, specific demands of our customers and applicable rules impose parameters to our efficiency and the completeness of the service, providing added value to the product.

With our centralized and computerized system we are able to maintain the traceability and identification of the product: from the acceptance to the delivery of the finished product, including all the recording of the process data and processing.

The quality is controlled on acceptance, during production, on the finished product and re-controlled by customer perception to assure maximum perfection.

The quality is also guaranteed through audits and verifications on unloading/loading and on the product transport means.

The monitoring process is planned and provides reliable data and trends, measuring the process and product with resource optimization.

The quality management system ensures the full application of policies covering health, environment and safety for the entire organization.

The risk assessment is constantly updated, improving the management system, oriented to long-lasting success and certified by the appointed authorities.

To meet the demands of all our customers we are implementing laboratory work to internally carry out various types of activity, among which contamination testing and salty spray testing . We manage all the row material incoming and we are improving our controls with also distructive material tests.